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Joyland Theatre

The rich history of Joyland Theatre begins in 1924, with the theatre being one of the first buildings to be erected in downtown Strathmore, Alberta after a large fire destroyed most of the downtown commercial buildings. Do you want to know a cool fact about this cozy theatre? The current owner, Jeff Larson, is the THIRD Larson to own and operate it! The Joyland truly has come full circle, from Jeff’s grandfather to his father, and now, finally to Jeff. Joyland Theatre has all the signature movie snacks you love, complete with the Larson’s exceptionally delicious movie popcorn! Movie showtime’s are perfectly scheduled for 7:30pm Tuesdays to Sundays, with the occasional 2pm matinee for a young family’s convenience. This website was extremely fun to do, with a creative movie themed experience and current and upcoming attractions immediately available at first scroll. Visit the historic Joyland Theatre in downtown Strathmore and check out joylandtheatre.com for your next movie night!