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Arms Reach Monitoring Service

The A.R.M.S. Team is comprised of technical experts, programmers, and specific industry professionals. Our diverse team saw a great need for a simple and efficient way to provide check-ins and safety monitoring of staff that work alone. While there are other options available on the market, we found them to be cumbersome and difficult to use, many of these having a less than effective response method to locate and RESPOND to an overdue worker. We envisioned a very simple and quick solution that staff would be happy to make use of. We also envisioned a product that tracks you and ensures your safety when you need and want it, but gives you the freedom to disable this ability when it is not required, thus providing a large measure of privacy. These factors were the starting point for A.R.M.S. or the Arms Reach Monitoring Service. From these principals we have developed a service that is extremely simple and easy to use each and every day. Checking in is one button, and in fact our app ONLY has one button. Behind the scenes a myriad of very advanced, technical processes are going on. Our platform is running on the Google App Engine system, the same platform that runs websites such as YouTube. We have load tested the system with hundreds of thousands of active users during development, and the system is capable of scaling into the millions of users in the future. Behind the scenes when the app is activated many different processes are going on, tracking movement via GPS, updating the cloud servers every few seconds, providing near real-time location data to both your company safety officers and also our 24/7 team of telephone operators. In the event of a missed check in, our Canadian based call center engages an escalating series of response protocols. A live person will be in contact with you or your supervisors to ensure you are OK. In the event you are in an emergency situation, A.R.M.S personalized response methods get the information to the people who can use it to mobilize a response for the missing employee, we give them access to your exact location data and other information. Like our company name suggests, A.R.M.S. keeps you safe