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The Pope Lease Pines


Kent & Janice Walker


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History of the Pope Lease

In 1900 a grazing lease of 37,200 acres was obtained by Senator Rufus Pope of Cookshire, Quebec from the Dominion of Canada. He paid 3¢ per acre for his lease which he called The Westview Ranch. However the Government of Alberta broke the lease when the government needed land returning soldiers from the First World War. The Soldier's Settlement Board subdivided 18,000 acres of the lease into 87 parcels, or farming units, which were to be sold for $18.00 per acre. In 1920 war weary veterans settled down to make a new life on their own land. This area is still referred to as The Pope Lease, after Senator Rufus Pope.

Our History

In December 1998, Kent and Janice Walker purchased the Pines. In January of 1999 they began a 10 month labor of love, restoring the historic house that had been left vacant for 25 years. In October they they moved into the house and began developing the RV Resort. After much clearing, cutting, digging, raking, etc. they were ready for business. On July 1, 2000, they welcomed their first guests. It didn't long for word of their new paradise on the prairies to spread, and soon they were fully booked. Since that time Kent and Janice have hosted thousands of visitors from all over the world.


 The Pope Lease Pines are open from May to October each year. We would love for you to share our prairie oasis with us.